Darren Littlejohn Yoga

Darren Littlejohn Yoga: Taking People to a New Level.

In the yoga community, Darren has made an impact with classes designed for people in and out of recovery. He teaches both heated and non-heated Power Flow and the more static Hot Yoga classes. His style is direct and intense with a bit of humor and a lot of love. He offers personal, inspirational instruction with skillful hands on assists. Using knowledge gained from decades of 12-Step recovery from addictions he integrates spiritual teachings from all of his lineages Ito each class. Using his knowledge of breathwork, chakras and tantric energy practice, he guides students through sequences designed to create transformation. His signature guided meditations begin and end each session with topics related to Buddhism, Yoga, Recovery and Shamanism. His view of yoga is that it is a means for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual fitness.

Workshops and Certifications:

CorePower Yoga 200 Hour Certification: Hot Yoga and Hot Power Fusion
CorePower Yoga 40 Hour Extensions: Advanced Teacher Training in Power Yoga
CorePower Yoga 40 Hour Level 2 Advanced Teacher Training in Power Yoga
CorePower Yoga 40 Hour Sculpt Teacher Training: Yoga with heat and weights
CorePower Yoga 40 Hour Sculpt Extensions: Advanced Teacher Training for yoga with heat and weights
Warriors at Ease: 7 week course in yoga for military populations, specializing in Post Traumatic Stress
Fabio Andrico: The Eight Movements of Yantra Yoga (Tibetan Yoga): 40 Hours, 10 day course
Nikki Myers: Certified Group Leader in the Yoga of 12 Step Recovery (Y12SR) 25 Hours

Krishna Kaur-Kundalini Yoga
Bryan Kest-Power Yoga
Brit B. Steele-Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers
Simon Park-Hands on Adjustments with Precision and Grace
Desiree Rimbaugh-Deep Folds and Twists
Les Mills Bodypump Training
CRUNCH Classic Fitness Training
Sarah Kutz-Arm Balances and Inversions