The Power of Vow

The Power of Vow offers everyone the ability to alleviate suffering and live a full life with tranquility. Darren’s direct approach and process for sustainable recovery and healing, taken from his own addiction experiences, skillfully instructs everyone, addict or not, to embrace The Power of Vow. The printed version includes journal pages and can be used as a workbook, the Kindle version has all of the same content, minus the journal feature.

Darren’s books enlighten the inner spirit, educate, open the mind, and fill the heart. The spirituality gained from combining 12-Step ideas, Buddhism, yoga, and meditation will help everyone heal, no matter what his or her afflictions may be.

“Littlejohn, through The Power of Vow, has made at least two major contributions for which all addicts and non-addicts should be thankful. For adherents to the 12-Step model, Littlejohn’s work is another contribution to the growing number of alternative perspectives on a successful, although arguably dated system of recovery. For Buddhist addicts, Littlejohn has kindly – and without judgment – opened the door to a more fulfilling and happy life.”
-Mandala Magazine

“The Power of Vow thoroughly addresses and dissects a powerful practice much needed in Western Buddhist and 12 Step circles. It’s a tool for mindfulness, for ‘turning it over,’ and for developing humility and forgiveness. Read it, do it!”
-Kevin Griffin, Author of One Breath at a Time and Burning Desire: Dharma, God and the Path of Recovery