Just what is a creative technologist?

I was at a presentation for a cool, local startup where the CEO said, “You, my friend are what we call a Creative Technologist and that is quite rare.” This is someone with the rare ability to think in the left-brain, analytical plane as well as the right brain, creative side. The technologist in me loves analyzing and problem solving. As a creative I also enjoy harnessing raw energy to channel into new expressions; philosophical ideas, writing, painting, music and poetry.

Highlights of my Creative and Technical Journey

  • B.A. in Psychology and all graduate coursework in Statistics for the Social Sciences
  • Senior back-end and customer engineer for SAP software
  • IT Support Specialist for Cal State Long Beach and UC Santa Cruz
  • Graduated Full-stack Web Developer Bootcamp
  • Technical writer since 2002. Tech blogger on Medium
  • Technical Twitterer @darrendoestech
  • Wrote four bestselling books
  • Writer in the health and fitness industrie.
  • Created Portland Jazz Jams, a community organization for jazz music
  • Produced  17 episodes of the Portland Jazz Jams TV show
  • Long term podcaster in jazz and meditation spaces
  • Dabbler in poetry, painting
  • Yoga instructor
  • Meditation Retreat Leader
  • Student of esoteric spiritual systems


I’ve been a tech lover for over 20 years.  Staring into my first computer screen, I was mesmerized. That’s the feeling that I have today when I work on web development and data analysis.

As an undergrad, I worked on a command line and enjoyed communicating worldwide on USENET email threads on topics from Zen to Statistics. I set up a BBS on my 286 and ran it with a 2400 baud modem. Tore apart and rebuilt machines for myself and friends. Later I built websites in Dreamweaver and FreeBSD based Apache web servers for an internet millionaire.

In grad school for Research Psychology I did Data Analysis and Statistical Consulting for academic and private sector clients. My main expertise was in SPSS, SAS, Minitab, ANOVA, Linear Regression, Multivariate Analysis, Correlations, Confidence Intervals, Factor Analysis, Hypothesis Testing. I also taught some extension courses at Cal State Long Beach in Excel, SAS and SPSS.

More recently I became reinvigorated with technology and began to looked into tech careers. I soon discovered the concept of Bootcamps for Web Development. Why spend four years on another degree when you can learn the skills that employers need now in an immersion program? 

I decided to merge my previous experience in tech with new technologies. In November 2016 I graduated from the  16-Week Javascript/React Bootcamp at LEARN here in San Diego. 

As a side project, learned how to integrate years of WordPress experience with React, the Single Page Application platform that Facebook is built on. See my Tech Portfolio for examples.

What I’m Working On Now

Since I did all of the graduate coursework in Statistical Modeling and Research Methods, I want to apply that knowledge to the field of Data Science. I’m currently taking the following courses:

  • Data Science A-Z
  • Python for Data Science
  • Tableau for Data Analysis and Visualization