My work with individuals as a spiritual consultant is done on a case-by-case basis. We meet initially to discuss goals and level of commitment to pursuing a path of transformation. Based on what we discover,  I’ll offer suggestions and advice in the form of readings, practices and teachings to explore. These sessions are usually a combination of quiet meditation and discussion.

If intuitive impressions come up during a session, they are offered for consideration. I don’t call myself a psychic, but am open to channeling if it needs to happen. Sometimes it needs to happen. If the impressions are found to have meaning or be of some value, we may meet for additional sessions to explore further. Ongoing work includes journaling, experimenting, dream work and other spiritual practices.

It might or might not make sense to meet with clients to conduct healing work in conjunction with spiritual consulting. This is usually done on a table in a comfortable setting in a chair or on a table. It depends on what’s needed. I try to be flexible with the circumstances.

Rates are dependent on the means of each individual. I’m not accepting trades at this time. Please see the Schedule a Session page to book a time, or feel free to send me an email.

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