Writing Portfolio

Darren Littlejohn is author of the bestselling book, the 12-Step Buddhist (2009). Darren’s Copy Writing is authentic, engaging, story oriented and tuned in to your avatar. As a Technical Writer, Darren’s work is precise and clear. He writes how-to, proposal, memo, email\web content and more, in your preferred style.

Below are recent examples. All material is copyrighted and belongs to the author and the organizations mentioned. If you’d like to see more, please visit the Books or Blogs pages.

My most recent writing is on Web development: Darren Does Tech –Medium Blog

Copywriting Sample: Get Abundant Energy Lessons 1-2 (.pdf)

The Zen of Climbing

Ways to map a climbing round and how to practice mindfulness during intense situations with a simple breathing practice are discussed.

How To Correct AutoCorrect Mistakes on iOS


La Costa Film Festival

Volunteer call-to-action.


Marketing piece #1 for a start-up venture.

Fear of Falling

Blog for a local San Diego climbing and yoga gym.